Brain Imaging

Ongoing Studies

Linguistic processing efficiency in children born preterm

Principal Investigator

Listening to Mom in the NICU

Can increased exposure to mother's voice improve neurodevelopment in an infant born preterm?

Principal Investigator

Structural changes in the neonatal brain after steroid treatment

Does hydrocortisone given shortly after birth to infants less than 28 weeks gestation change brain development?

Visual word recognition

How do brain regions that process words differ across individuals?

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Reading in preterm and full-term children

How does the white matter of the brain influence reading in children born preterm or at term?

Principal Investigator

Plasticity and learning in children with dyslexia

How does brain white matter change during an intensive reading intervention in children with dyslexia?

Principal Investigator

Next generation of tools for analyzing diffusion MRI data

New analytic approaches improve the visualization and characterization of brain development.

Principal Investigator

Impact of developmental care on the brain

Could components of developmental care improve the rate of brain maturation?

Postdoctoral Scholar