Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

The psychologist, pediatricians and nurses in our unit evaluate neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with a wide range of complex medical and neurological conditions. We conduct our own research, and we serve as collaborators on studies of the neurodevelopmental outcomes of these conditions. Given our expertise in developmental-behavioral pediatrics, members of our team are available to help clinicians and researchers customize an outcomes protocol for children with complex medical problems taking into account what we know about the natural history and complications of various conditions.

One longstanding partner in this effort is the NICHD Neonatal Research Network (NRN). We have also worked closely with the Stanford Children's Health Liver Transplant Care Team and the Stanford Ear Institute to help them design customized outcomes protocols. We partner with NeurosurgeryOrthopaedicsUrology and Rehabilitiation Services in a Spina Bifida program. We are currently working on studies with colleagues in Maternal Fetal MedicineMedical Genetics, and Child Neurology. And a new, exciting collaboration with Cardiology will lead to a clinical program to evaluate school-aged children with a particular congenital heart disease, a single ventricle that has been repaired.

For a list of our Current Studies, click here.