Infant Development Specialty Program

High-Risk Infant Follow-up Clinics (CCS and non-CCS)

We know that children who have had medical problems at birth are at higher risk for difficulties at older ages than children born without complications. The High-Risk infant Follow-up (HRIF) Clinics are designed to help families monitor their child’s development through the first three years of life. Children are evaluated at regular intervals. Parents receive an individualized assessment and action plan for enhancing their child’s progress. Our team of developmental experts communicates closely with the family’s primary care provider. When necessary, we provide referrals to community agencies and early intervention programs. We offer services via telehealth and at our clinic sites in Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Capitola.

Very Young Child Development Consultation Clinic

In this clinic, we assess very young children (under the age of 24 months) who have no significant history of medical problems but have developmental and/or behavioral concerns. Based on the results of the consultation visit, we work with families to develop an intervention/treatment plan.