Reading in preterm and full-term children

Official Research Title: Poor reading in preterm children: Behavior, neural basis, response to treatment

Principal InvestigatorHeidi Feldman, MD, PhD

Study Description: About half of children born preterm develop cognitive, language and learning problems that adversely impact their long-term outcomes. Once these children reach school age, educational programs are dictated by their level of function in academic domains, irrespective of the underlying pathogenesis of any learning difficulties. To improve outcomes, we must ascertain whether the learning problems of children born preterm (PT) have a similar cognitive profile, neural basis, and/or developmental course as learning problems in children born full-term (FT). We must also investigate if PT children respond favorably to the same interventions known to be effective in educating FT children with learning disorders.

Funding Source: National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, R01 HD069162

Collaborators: Katie Travis, PhD

Cross-referenced Under: Language and Learning