Other Professional Trainees and Professionals

Other Professional Trainees

We provide clinical training experiences for nurse and nurse practitioner trainees as well as psychologists in training. These experiences are arranged through standing agreements with specific training programs. Please e-mail our DBP Fellowship program director, Lynne Huffman MD, for more information.

Other Professionals

We offer training for health care practitioners who want to advance their education in the field of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. We welcome doctors, advanced practice nurses (clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners), psychologists and speech-language pathologists, among others. Training is customized to meet individual needs. We also accommodate groups, encouraging them to work together to support interdisciplinary efforts. Rotations vary in terms of time-commitment and duration. Some trainees visit us once or twice weekly for 6-12 months, while others engage in more intensive study for shorter periods of time. Please e-mail our DBP Division Director, Heidi Feldman MD PhD, for more information.