Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Residency Training


The Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP) Rotation prepares pediatric residents to manage a variety of developmental and behavioral concerns encountered in pediatric practice. The rotation framework considers children according to varying levels of risk:

Typically developing children

Children at risk for developmental and behavioral problems by virtue of biomedical or psychosocial factors

Children with specific developmental and behavioral disorders

The rotation provides the trainee with a breadth of experiences through existing relationships between the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Division and

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford (LPCHS)

Community Partners

The various clinical and community settings allow the trainee to become familiar with the social, economic, environmental and medical factors that contribute to the developmental and behavioral health of children. In addition, trainees will attend lectures, tutorials, and discussions with rotation staff to build and reflect on their experiences.

Educational Activities

The DBP rotation includes the following sites and experiences:

LPCH sites and experiences

DBP Clinics

High-Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF)

Developmental Consultation

  • Early Childhood Program
  • Middle Childhood Program


DBP Clinical Case Conference

DBP Tutorials

Developmental Screening in Continuity Clinic

International Collaborative Office Rounds (iCOR)

LPCH Child Life Services

LPCH PICN Developmental Care

Stanford Child Psychiatry Psychopharmacology Clinic

Community Partners

Abilities United

California Children’s Services – Medical Therapy Program

Center for Developing Minds

Golden Gate Regional Center

Preschools (Bing Preschool, East Palo Alto Head Start, Abilities United Milestones Preschool)

San Mateo Medical Center Rapid Developmental Evaluation Clinic

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics: KidScope


Trainees should review the online rotation materials. Please read the orientation page to become familiar with the structure of the rotation. Also, please review the learning objectives and professional competencies associated with each site experience.