Community-Based Care

Watch Me Grow / First 5 San Mateo  

INTERAGENCY COLLABORATIVE: We meet with more than 15 agencies and services from San Mateo County to coordinate care for children with complex medical and psycho-social issues. Parents' consent for the discussion. Professionals share their opinions, and the resulting plan is designed to overcome barriers to the child’s development and/or family’s wellbeing. This program is funded by First 5 San Mateo County.


California Children's Services Medical Therapy Program

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians provide clinical services to children attending the California Children's Services Medical Therapy Program, or CCS Medical Therapy Program. The team at CCS includes physical and occupational therapists, nurses, dieticians and family support personal.  

Dominican Foster Care Program / First 5 Santa Cruz

The Departments of Psychology and Pediatrics collaborate with county mental health, early intervention services, and local pediatricians in schools to provide comprehensive care to children who have been through the foster care system. This program is funded by First 5 Santa Cruz and designed for children under 5.