Rotation Schedules

Below you will find the link to your personalized DB Peds Rotation schedule.

Please see the Site-Specific Learning Objectives worksheets for more site specific information, and the preceptor contact list for site locations.

NOTE: All scheduling change requests (clinic coverage, personal appts) must come through the chiefs' office. Under these circumstances, residents are responsible for contacting their faculty or community preceptors to inform them of the schedule change. Depending on the missed rotation activity, residents will be required to make up the session to meet rotation requirements. Please note that these requests may not always be approved by the rotation team.

LAST UPDATED ON:  August 22, 2017

Please check schedules the Friday before the rotation start to look for last minute schedule changes.

2016 - 2017

Block 1 Schedule (06/24/17 - 07/23/17) _ V170626c

Block 3 Schedule (08/21/17 - 09/17/17) _ V170821