Stanford School of Medicine Faculty

Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Instructor, Pediatrics Masters Student in Health Policy, admitted Autumn 2019
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Instructor, Pediatrics
Ballinger-Swindells Endowed Professor in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Associate Professor (Teaching) of Pediatrics (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics) and, by courtesy, of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics) at the Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital
Clinical Professor, Pediatrics Clinical Professor (By courtesy), Pediatrics - General Pediatrics
Assistant Professor (Research) of Pediatrics (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Instructor, Pediatrics
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics) and of Education

Affiliate Faculty

Ingrid Lin, MD

Dr. Lin is a board-certified pediatrician who serves as the Medical Director of the Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC). She participates in our educational program training residents and fellows about community-based resources for individuals with developmental disabilities. Under her guidance, we've developed a contractual arrangement with GGRC to evaluate children birthed to three years of age to determine eligibility for early intervention services. 

Brian Tang, MD

Dr. Tang is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician who completed his fellowship training in the Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine at Stanford in 2011.  He is actively involved with the CPQCC-CCS HRIF QCI project and serves on it's Executive Committee.  He currently works for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Los Altos as a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician.

Emily Whitgob, MD

Dr. Whitgob completed her fellowship training in DBP at Stanford (Class of 2018). As a resident and fellow, she acheived national recognition for a study patient discrimation toward doctors. She currently is a DB pediatrician at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. She plays a pivotal role in training general pediatrics residents as they rotate on their one-month required rotation.