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A compliation of professional and academic accomplishments and recognition in the popular press

In Brief

Congratulations to our Graduating Fellows!

Our two graduating Fellows have made a tremendous contribution to DBP. We wish them well as take their next steps!

  • Hannah Perrin, MD, will be joining the UCSF faculty as Assistant Professor in the Division of Developmental Medicine. She will be seeing patients in both Oakland and San Francisco, and will continue to participate in medical education through work with pediatrics residents. She hopes to continue her advocacy efforts on a local, state, or national level. Hannah’s fellowship research project on school readiness was accepted for publication in Pediatrics: “School Readiness in Preschoolers with Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder”, Perrin HT, Heller NA, and Loe IM.
  • Yair Bannett, MD, was selected for the Department of Pediatrics Bridge to K Program, which provides support (beginning 7/1/2019) for continued research for up to three years. In addition, he was accepted into the Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) Master’s Tuition Program, which provides up to $60,000 in tuition assistance over two years toward an approved master’s degree program. 


Fellows present at MCHB DBP Training Program annual meeting:

Fellows and fellowship program leaders attended the 2019 MCHB DBP Training Program Meeting on April 3-5. The meeting was held in Charleston, South Carolina and was hosted by the Medical University of South Carolina and Brown University programs. There were a number of thought-provoking presentations by research and government leaders and ample opportunity to network across the dozen programs that are supported by MCHB. Most importantly, our fellows presented updates about their research projects in large-group and small-group settings. Presentations included:

  • Dr. Bannett: Clinician-level variation in primary care management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Two years of electronic health record data
  • Dr. Perrin: Development and evaluation of a school readiness curriculum for pediatrics residents
  • Sarah Dubner, MD: Near term white matter microstructure and language outcomes in 2 year old children born preterm
  • Myong-sun Choe, MD: Characteristics and effects of the academic half day model in post-graduate medical training


David Ansel, MD, recently spoke on psychopharmacology and participated in a panel discussion before an audience of >100 primary care pediatricians at "Pediatric Mental Health Day", the Spring CME conference of California Chapter 1 of the AAP.

On April 19, Dr. Bannett presented at Stanford's 10th Annual Pediatrics Research Retreat on "Clinician-level Variation in Primary Care Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." He received an award for outstanding oral presentation.