Division News

A compliation of professional and academic accomplishments and recognition in the popular press

In Brief

  • Faculty member David Ansel, MD, gave a presentation titled "Chips on Their Shoulders: Childhood Anger and Aggression" at Stanford’s 26th Annual Pediatric Update Conference, July 20-21. The conference is designed to give family pediatricians and primary care providers comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge on a wide range of clinical issues encountered in daily pediatric practice.
  • The Division received a 2018 HRIF Follow-up Rate Award from the California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative. The award is given to HRIF Programs that met the following recommendations for HRIF eligible infants born in 2014: 1st Visit ≥ 80%, 2nd visit ≥ 70%, and 3rd visit ≥ 60%.
  • At the tenth annual meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language in Québec City, Canada, August 16-18, faculty member Katie Travis, MD, and postdoctoral scholar Lisa Bruckert, PhD, will be presenting on our research examining white matter microstructure and language abilities in 8-year-old children. Dr. Travis will give at talk titled "More than Myelin: Interrogating white matter tissue properties underlying receptive and expressive language abilities in 8-year-old children." Dr. Bruckert will present an abstract titled "Reading efficiency is associated with fractional anisotropy, but not with myelin content, in the superior cerebellar peduncles."
  • Xiomara Gervacio, DBP Intake Coordinator specializing in the Middle Childhood Program, received Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Gold ROSE Award for 2018. The Gold ROSE Award was established to recognize employees that deliver extraordinary family-centered care.