DBPNet Preschool ADHD

Official Research Title: A Retrospective Description of the Effectiveness and Adverse Effects of Stimulants and Alpha-2 Agonists Used by Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians for the Treatment of ADHD in Preschool Aged Children

Co-Principal Investigators: Heidi Feldman, MD, PhD, and Irene Loe, MD

Study Description: ADHD is commonly treated with stimulants or alpha-2 adrenergic agonists (A2A) in preschool aged children, but little is known about the efficacy and side effects of A2A in preschool children or the comparative effectiveness of A2A and stimulants. This retrospective chart review study will examine the effectiveness and adverse effects of stimulants and alpha-2 agonists in preschoolers treated by developmental-behavioral pediatricians at 7 different academic centers.

Funding Source: DBP Net UA3MC20218

Collaborators: Yair Bannett, MD