DBP Problems in Primary Care

Official Research Title: Investigating management of developmental and behavioral health conditions

Principal Investigator: Yair Bannett, MD

Study Description

Developmental, behavioral, and mental health conditions affect one in five children. Given the high prevalence of these conditions, primary care pediatricians play a central role in assessment and treatment of these children. Yet, quality gaps and disparities in care exist.

The Health Services Research team at the division of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics conduct studies based on electronic health record data from Stanford's community-based network, Packard Children's Health Alliance (PCHA). The studies investigate primary care management of developmental delays, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, learning problems, anxiety, and depression. The ultimate goal of these studies is to improve quality of care and mitigate disparities in care for children with developmental and mental health conditions in this primary care network.

Research methods include: (1) quantitative analysis of structured and unstructured (free text) data, including applied machine learning techniques and natural language processing, (2) qualitative methods, including interviews and surveys of primary care clinicians and patient families.

Funding Source: National Institute of Mental Health Award Number K23MH128455

Collaborators: Trainee research opportunities