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Training Experiences

DBP Clinics

  • Infant Development Specialty Program (IDSP1) (Year 1)
  • Young Child Program (YCP) (Year 1)
  • Middle Child Program (MCP) (Year 1)
  • Ongoing Care (Years 1-3)
  • Additional IDSP or YCP or MCP (Years 2-3)


Other Clinical Experiences -each 1 month, 3 days/week; fellow continues OC

  • Child Psychiatry Inpatient Consult/Liaison (Year 1)
  • Adolescent Medicine Outpatient (Year 2)
  • Child Neuromuscular Conditions Outpatient (Year 2)

Clinical Practice Electives (Years 2-3)2-1 month, 3 days/week; fellow continues OC

Formal Curricula

Child Psychiatry Seminar Series (Year 1) - Weekly half-days x 6 months

DBP Clinical Case Conference (Years 1-3) - Weekly

DBP Fellows Core Topic Review (Years 1-3) –Monthly


1 Includes High-risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) clinics with NICU graduates

2 Possible clinical practice electives - DBPCI East Cliff; Gardner Packard FQHC; PICN Developmental Care; Fellow
   -designed Elective; Golden Gate Regional Ctr (Intake Evaluation Clinic); Advanced Psychopharmacology