Community Experiences

Community experiences include observations, clinical data gathering, clinical consultation, and leadership and advocacy opportunities.


Fellows do the same observations as do residents on service (see for details)

    Bing Nursery School

    East Palo Alto Head Start

    Fellows identify at least 2-3 patients per year for whom they make a school visit

They may observe the child in the classroom to gather additional data
They may consult with classroom teachers
They may participate in IEP meetings

Life Course Community Services

Fellows visit and observe community services for individuals from birth through adulthood, supported by the Golden Gate Regional Center.  Dr. Ingrid Lin, Medical Director of GGRC coordinates 10 visits on Thursdays throughout the first year.  She orients and debriefs the fellows about the visit.

Community pediatrics consultation

In Year 3, fellows will provide consultation to primary care regarding developmental screening, early identification, and management of children with disabilities and other chronic health concerns

Sites:  LPCH Primary Care, Ravenswood Health Center, and San Mateo County Health Deparment

This opportunity also allows fellows to precept residents

Special projects—Watch Me Grow

In Year 3, fellows will participate in the Rapid Response Team, an interdisciplinary group that assesses children with positive developmental screens in the community.  The goal is to make rapid decisions about service delivery

Fellows may also participate in Watch Me Grow Interagency Collaborative as often as possible


Fellows may participate in the QI project funded by California Children’s Services

Involvement may include developing procedures for data entry or data analysis and may also include participating in the Executive Team

Other options may be developed by the fellow