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When you call to schedule an appointment for your child at one of our clinics, you speak with an Intake Coordinator.

We provide care at multiple locations, including our new, bright space in Sunnyvale.

From the start of your visit, even in the lobby, we seek to put your child at ease. 

Members of our team are on hand to help you find your way around and lead you to your room, where you meet your child's clinician.

Depending on your family's needs, your child may see a physician, nurse practitioner, psychologist, or a team of health care professionals.

Our team makes sure your child is healthy.

Our clinicians are friendly, attentive, curious, and encouraging.

We get down on your child's level when we do our evaluations. We might use toys, games or bubbles.

Though it may look like we're playing silly games with your child, our doctors are gaining valuable information about your child's health and development.

Sometimes your child is evaluated by a doctor in advanced training. These doctors are closely supervised by our faculty.

Our staff members and faculty frequently collaborate on behalf of your child and family.

After you exit, we prepare a full report for you and your family's primary care clinician.