Enhancing Parent and Healthcare Provider Communication During Subspecialty Clinic Visits

Who is Eligible: Parents of children age 0-17 years who are being seen in the neurosurgery clinic.

Principal Investigator: Lauren Hubner, MD, MPH


We are conducting a research study to determine the effect of a text message prompt on parent and healthcare provider communication during subspecialty clinic visits.


  1. If a member of the study staff is available and recruiting that day, parents will be asked about their potential interest in the study when they check in at the front desk for their child’s neurosurgery clinic visit.
  2. If the parent expresses interest, study staff will review inclusion/exclusion criteria and determine eligibility for participation.
  3. If determined to be eligible, parents will be asked to complete a baseline survey before their child’s clinic visit starts, including basic questions about themselves and their child. They will then be sent and asked to read a text message prompt before the visit begins. After the clinic visit is done, parents will be asked to complete and return a follow-up survey focused on their communication with the healthcare provider. This concludes the parent's participation.