About Us

We are an academically-based interdisciplinary professional team of developmental-behavioral pediatricians, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals who provide developmental and behavioral health care for children. The team has a four part mission: to provide outstanding holistic clinical service to children at risk for developmental disorders, and children with delays or disabilities and to their families; to deliver innovative education and training to a wide range of students and trainees; to participate in collaborative partnerships with community agencies and services within the region and state to improve care to children with developmental disorders; to conduct clinical and health services research that translate basic findings into effective clinical practice and policy.

Section Chief: Heidi M. Feldman, MD, PhD

Clinical Services

Mary L. Johnson Ambulatory Care Center, Neurosciences Clinic
730 Welch Road, 2nd floor
Palo Alto CA 94304

Phone: (650) 725-8995
Fax: (650) 724-6500

Research Group

Phone: (650) 498-7690
E-mail: dbpresearch@stanford.edu

Academic Offices

Phone: (650) 723-5711